Russell Wilson on OBJ to Rams: “He will do great, and I wish him the best”

Russell Wilson on OBJ to Rams: “He will do great, and I wish him the best”

Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had a hard time making up his mind about his next team. Over the weekend, it was the Seahawks. Then, it became the Saints. As of Wednesday, it was the Chiefs. Finally, he chose the Rams.

On Thursday, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson spoke with reporters about the possibility of OBJ joining the Seahawks.

“First of all, with Odell, he’s an unbelievable talent, a world class, generational type of talent,” Wilson said regarding Beckham. “For our organization, we are always looking for ways to compete and find ways to win, but we have some great guys already. We have some of the best guys in the world, so to have the possibility of adding another amazing talent would be amazing. If not, we are still ready to go, hopefully all of the way, and that’s been our focus. He’s a tremendous talent.”

Wilson explained that he and Beckham have been friends, for a while.

“I have gotten to get to know him over the years,” Wilson said. “He’s always worked extremely hard, and we would throw in the summertime in California. We have a good rapport with one another, so I have a lot of respect for the way he plays the game.”

Wilson said that he and Beckham had spoked since the receiver became a free agent. Wilson was asked to describe the communications.

“I don’t need to talk about all of that, but the biggest thing is you want what’s best for him,” Wilson said. “He’s a great player, we could do some great things together as a whole team and what he can bring, but then also the great players and dynamic receivers that we already have. To have all of those guys on the field is a scary thing. . . . I’m excited about what we have this week, who we have, and what we can do. We have to keep making the plays and it has been spectacular to see our guys make plays.”

Word of Beckham’s decision to join Seattle’s NFC West rival apparently broke during Wilson’s press conference. Wilson was informed of, and asked about, Beckham’s decision.

“Good for him, he will do great, and I wish him the best,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s good wishes likely have a limit. The Seahawks continue to compete with the Rams for playoff positioning. And they face the Rams in L.A. on December 19.