Investing for Smart Kids



  • 75 exercises and keys for your child to understand how the world of money works.
  • This book is a help for your child to develop their financial mindset and start creating their own economy.


Let your child learn to differentiate between the value and the cost of things, discover how to start earning, saving and investing money, which expenses are necessary and which are not, how to help in the family economy and much, much more.

From filling their piggy bank, through small jobs, the secrets of saving and how to control their expenses, to learning how to manage their money and understand the importance of investing.

You will like this book because your child will learn more about:

  • What is money and how to get it?
  • The differences between need and desire
  • Value-added, the money cycle, smart shopping
  • How to make money, save and invest
  • How to differentiate between the value and the cost of something
  • Ways to spend wisely
  • The value of time

And much more valuable information!